Ravania Entertainment

Kristy Rowsell

Hidden Shadow

Kristy joined Ravania in 2016, as another member of the Art department. She is a very talented artist who has given new life to many Ravania characters. For a taste of her art and creative, you can check her deviant art site here

Shayla Wheat

Mini Wheat

Another addition in 2016, Shayla is an artist, YouTuber, and storyteller. She's had a long road getting to where she is now, but has demonstrated her talent for and passion of storytelling already. For a sample of some of her art, you can check her tumblr here.

Debby Smith

Music Maiden

Singer/song writer Debby Smith has been honing her talents for a number of years. She's had experince in the industry, having been to Nashville, and having had her songs played on radio stations in the States. Her music tells a story, and it tells it well. You can head over to the music page to listen, or you can find her fan page here.

Cora Smith

Unicorn Keeper

Having five years of secret writing practice, Cora is ready to attack the world like a literary ninja. She has proven her self a tremendous asset to the company. During company meetings, it is her duty to wave her gavel menacingly and keep us all on track. She is also vital to the editing efforts of our writers.

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Communication is important, at least that's what our mothers always told us. With that in mind, we'd love to hear from you. Go ahead and leave us a message down below. Your comments and questions are important to us, we love to hear from our fans.

Norman Shurtliff

The Real SquidMantis

Here we see Norman Shurtliff selling his wares at a Salt Lake City Comic Con. Norman is an artist and comic maker of talent. He's been with Ravania since the start. We are very proud to be working with Norman. You can see some of his work in the webcomic page, or at his personal site here.

Arlin Fehr

Part Time Wizard

Late to the party, but always ready to go, Arlin Fehr is the writer of the Wayward Guardian series, and many more series yet in development. He's the chief go to guy for Ravania technical problems, and a source of marketing wizardry. You can find his blog on the blog page above, or here.

The Original Three

These three chaps would be Patrick, Aaron, and Vance Smith, the brothers three. They are the original three who got the whole Ravania thing rolling.

Patrick, on the left, is primarily the go to guy for artwork and visual development. Almost all of the pictures on the site are his handy work and most of the covers for the books crafted by his hands. He has a great art blog which you can read here

Aaron, in the middle, is the Big Cheese of the whole organization. His 'Genesis Project' series was the first project Aaron was working on when he got the idea for Ravania Entertainment. The name even comes from a character in one of his books.

Vance, on the left, is the master mind behind Jack Lantern and Shadow Mountain, He's a fiend of an author who comes out with more good ideas than we consider proper for one man to have, yet he does it anyway. His talents extend to more than writing, and we expect many great things from him. Check his blog here.

Our Team

The Ravania Entertainment staff are dedicated to telling stories and weaving the kind of magic that only driven story tellers can. We are focused and determined to be the best entertainers we can. We seek to expand to as many mediums as possible, using all the tools and talents available to us.

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