By Aaron Michael Smith

Continuing his search for his lost friend, Vong Kidfar descends into the Depths of Kasnatia’s Capital City.

Unbeknownst to him, his actions are playing into the machination of Dragon, the Kingpin of the Underworld.
As his hopes of finding Rocky grow dim, Vong is compelled to deviate from the hunt, when Dragon’s minions force him into the clutches of their master.
Now, Vong must face of with two of Dragon’s fiercest warriors. But will this distraction doom Rocky to a dismal fate?

And what sinister ends does the Kingpin have in store for the young Kidfar?

Azra of the burning sands

By Arlin Fehr

Azra Hemnoth, a baron from the Bazra Desert, must defend his city against the Zahrin raiders. Seldom do the raiders muster in this much force, but there are rumors they have a new leader. The rumors are not hopeful ones, speaking of a powerful sorcerer from a world beyond the borders of Antia, bringing with him whispers of a war that tears across the Anciantos Empire. Azra must fight to protect his family, his city, and the kingdom, or war will descend upon Antia, the likes of which would try even the most powerful heroes of old.


By Aaron Michael Smith

Despite Vong’s best efforts to escape Dragon, Glowing Eyes is close on the young Kalek Warriors heels. His quest to find Rocky Bluestar is at an end, and his battle to retain the pieces of his shattered life has begun.

Meanwhile, Vong’s teacher, Van Del-Himnor, who is searching for Vong, sends Zanth Nakoo and a team deep into the underground of Kasnatia to face the unknown evil that has taken Rocky. Darkness and horrors await, and not everyone will be getting out alive.

Elsewhere, the Keeper of the Undead continues his search for the lost Kal’sek Warriors. His quest leads him to a little known world called Nith, where a dark power sits on his throne as god of a lost tribe of Kal’sek, but who is this ancient being, this creature who calls himself, Dragon, and what will Mykyn do, when these two titans of power cross paths?

The world shaking conclusion to the Heaven’s Gate arc begins here!

A tale spanning generations. An adventure to determine the fate of the four galaxies and beyond. The struggle against the darkness is one that affects all. Some fall under the shadow's influnuce, some burn with renewed light. One thing is certain though, none who have a part to play, will ever be the same.


By Aaron Michael Smith

Death and devastation have followed in the wake of the Heaven’s Gate catastrophe.

Vong Kidfar and his family are now outcasts, hated by their own people. Despair has clouded his mind, pulling him into a well of anger and bitterness.
When Rocky Bluestar, Vong’s one time girlfriend, disappears, taking on the task of finding her is all Vong can to do hold himself together.

But will his quest to find Rocky elevate him, or drive him down an even darker path?

Ravania Entertainment


By Aaron Michael Smith

The ultimate weapon has been created, and with it, the imperious Kasna intend to destroy the gods.

Created by Vong Kidfar’s Father and Grandfather, the Heaven’s Gate Project has been absorbed by government and special interests, who are determined to see the endeavour through, despite any second thoughts by those involved.
Sixteen year old Vong can only watch as his family, and his people, hurtle toward an uncertain future. Despite his own opposition to the project, and the rift it is causing in the Kidfar household, Vong can only wait and hope that when the dust clears there will be something left for him to hold on to.

But what he may lose, will change everything.