Genesis project vol.1

By Aaron Smith

Hara's world is on the verge of destruction, but when she makes the dangerous journey to Kasna Space, to get help from old friends, she may just turn the tied of the war against the evil Zarni. A bold coup could be her salvation, or the end of all she loves.

Genesis project: Phantom War

By Aaron Smith

When a young Kalek girl's life is threatened by a vile gangster, First and Second Galaxy Kalek Warriors must unite to save one of their own.

Genesis project: Demon rising

By Aaron Smith

A war in Asrizi Space rages, as the last remnants of the Asrizi resistance struggle against the overwhelming forces of the evil Zarni Imperidon, but could the whole conflict just be a cover for the rise of a new and more sinister evil? The ancient Kalek warrior, Vong Kidfar will have to use all of his considerable talents to survive this one, and the Universe is bound to be a different place, when it is all over.

Genesis Project: New Dawn

By Aaron Smith

Vong Kidfar and his Kalek team are sent to Rendel Prime in the First Galaxy, to find and defeat New Dawn terrorists threatening the stability of that world and the whole of the Kasna Republik.

A tale spanning generations. An adventure to determine the fate of the four galaxies and beyond. The struggle against the darkness is one that affects all. Some fall under the shadow's influnuce, some burn with renewed light. One thing is certain though, none who have a part to play, will ever be the same.

Azra of the burning sands

By Arlin Fehr

Azra Hemnoth, a baron from the Bazra Desert, must defend his city against the Zahrin raiders. Seldom do the raiders muster in this much force, but there are rumors they have a new leader. The rumors are not hopeful ones, speaking of a powerful sorcerer from a world beyond the borders of Antia, bringing with him whispers of a war that tears across the Anciantos Empire. Azra must fight to protect his family, his city, and the kingdom, or war will descend upon Antia, the likes of which would try even the most powerful heroes of old.

Genesis project vol.2

By Aaron Smith

Vong Kidfar, a Kalek Warrior, must fight, with friends and family, against the forces of evil - and the ancient, potentially destructive, Genesis Engine. In his struggle, Vong must save a beloved Star Kingdom on the verge of annihilation. Little does he know there is more than one evil at work, and a Demon from his past is about to rise again.

Genesis project: curse

By Aaron Smith

The Heaven’s Gate has been completed! Father and son team, Maff and Yong Kidfar, have done the impossible... creating a device that will allow them to storm the Gates of Heaven, and throw down the, so-called, Gods. As an eager Kasna populace waits for the great advent, one Kasna is anxious in a different way. Vong Kidfar, son of Yong, believes his Father and Grandfather are making a terrible mistake, and that ancient prophecies are about to be fulfilled - the Heaven’s Gate device will fail, a new evil will be released on the Universe, and the Kasna will be cursed with a terrible curse. As time ticks closer to ignition, in a dark realm, beyond imagination, a vile Demon sits upon his throne, preparing for the moment that will release him on an unsuspecting Universe, and begin his long road toward revenge, and unlimited power...

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