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The Element's of Glory, long thought lost, are becoming very real once more. When an inept mystic bursts into the castle refuge of Emly Weral, carrying one with him, forces are put into motion to ensure she can never go back to her old life. Though with adventure bursting through her doors, why would she ever want to go back?

When the keeper of an ancient and powerful magic chooses whom he will teach his lost art too, those whom he has picked will have to face dangers beyond their wildest imaginations. James and Elizebeth were little more than forgotten orphans who had a strong penchant for trouble, but now their old life is ended, and a strange new one filled with secrets and dangers is before them.

When danger is abounding, only one thing is certain, you don't know Jack. Jack Lantern, the Pumpkin headed Private investigator, has seen and been his fair share of strange. Ever since Mia Lannigan fell from the sky onto his car, and lived through her own death, things have continued to get stranger.

At the very edge of of new frontier, mankind will face a danger of their own creation. What do you do when a thinking machine learns to feel? What happens when it become addicted to the sensations a human lives with every day? For the crew of the Azure Dream, these questions require very swift answers, answers which will send ripples throughout all of human kind.

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Long ago, the great powers of the world banded together to take out one of the greatest powers that had ever existed. They feared it greatly, and would do anything to keep it from coming back. When Rajhu, a con man and swindler, gets his hands on a seemingly unremarkable lamp, the power once lost is found again. Unfortunately for Rajhu, who has no place in his life for magic, the power has changed his life forever. With only his faithful friend Will coming along, the pair are sure to learn more about the powers of the world than they ever would have thought possible.