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Guardian Of Isolation

By Arlin Fehr

The past, should stay hidden.

Samantha Geer knew what war meant. It meant people she cared about being hurt, or dying. It meant violence and death. So long as she commanded the Kanto she thought she could keep her crew safe, her family safe.

It didn’t help that she ended up facing an enemy no one knew still existed.

Her mission to find a secret enemy base has been blindsided by the discovery of something left long hidden and buried in the past. Something with ties to her family, and which threatens her crew’s safety.

Humanity’s wayward child has been found.

And he’s lonely.

Wayward Guardian

By Arlin Fehr

No Hope of Rescue.
No Way Home.
An Enemy Within.

At the very edge of Humanities reach, looming questions that will send ripples through all of space lay unanswered. However the crew of the Azure Dream, a colony ship on a voyage to a new home, have more immediate concerns.

Captain Howard Fredrick didn't think he had any more missions left in him, but when Axion Data Systems offers him a contract that promises to get his sick wife the treatment she needs, he agrees to take on one last challenge. The mission was anything but routine.

When danger and a never before seen threat risks the lives of everyone on the ship, Captain Howard and his crew must band together and fight for their survival. There is no help coming, no one to rescue them, only their wit, their strength, and their determination will make the difference between making it home, or a cold death in void of space.

Worst of all, not every being on the ship is fighting for the same thing.

 Humanity has entered a new age. Life on other worlds is fact. Intellegent machines and faster than light travel are common place. The whole of society has been changed and shaped anew, but does this new age have a limit? How far can society be changed, before it changes humanity forever? What lurks beyond the frontiers of thought and existance?