Ravania Entertainment

Humanity has entered a new age. Life on other worlds is fact. Intellegent machines and faster than light travel are common place. The whole of society has been changed and shaped anew, but does this new age have a limit? How far can society be changed, before it changes humanity forever? What lurks beyond the frontiers of thought and existance?

Wayward guardian

By Arlin Fehr

At the very edge of of new frontier, mankind will face a danger of their own creation. What do you do when a thinking machine learns to feel? What happens when it become addicted to the sensations a human lives with every day? For the crew of the Azure Dream, these questions require very swift answers, answers which will send ripples throughout all of human kind.


By Arlin Fehr

40 years after the incident that almost claimed the lives of everyone on the Azure Dream, man kind finds themselves in a state of war. The crew of the U.P.N. Kanto are on the look out for a hidden enemy base. While chasing down an enemy ship, they find something unexpected, a facility not on any records filled with flora and fauna from all across human controlled space.  
With an enemy agent on the loose, and more questions than answers, the crew look for answers. But they must tread carefully, for something is watching them. Watching, and waiting.