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You don't know Jack. In fact, few people do. The Pumpkin headed P.I., and his circle of trusted friends, are frequently the only ones standing between the world and those who would destroy it. It's ordinary job, but then Jack and his friends are anything but ordinary.

Jack Lantern 2: Dead or Alive

By Vance Smith

Jack Lantern thought life after the zombie uprising would be easy. With the culprits destroyed, things should have returned to normal. But life is anything but simple with Mia Lannigan as his assistant. While she struggles with her newfound powers, strange, terrible enemies continue the work of the evil Baron von Reich. As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, The Horror, the master of the Sons of Coffin’s Croft has emerged, obsessed with raising the insidious tyrant, Professor Grave. With the Horror standing in their way, Jack and Mia may not survive. If they don’t… no one will.

Jack lantern: ...brains...

By Vance Smith

Jack Lantern, a pumpkin headed P.I. has his work cut out for him. Ever since Mia Lannigan fell from the sky, and lived through her own death, she has been getting Jack into more and more trouble. Strange, vile, people are coming out of nowhere to get their hands on her, cut her head open, and steal her brain. Worse still, Mia can’t even tell Jack why, because she has no memories. Now, with time running out, Mia is beginning to sense that sort of dying did more to her than she thought. If Jack can help her survive long enough, working together, testing the limits of their magic, they may yet figure out exactly what happened and reunite her with her family.

Tales By Lantern-Light vol.1

By Vance Smith, Patrick Smith, Aaron Smith and Arlin Fehr

Good evening, You hold in your hands, a collection of short stories of the most unfortunate verity. Bound within this volume are tales of revenge, mystery, kidnapping and unimaginable horror. Perhaps it is our duty to warn you of the sheer madness that you will find, if you choose to read further. In each story, you will find heroes, villains and monsters that defy the laws of sanity. Of course, these stories are meant to entertain… but they may, in fact, chill you. If you are of a weak constitution, if you cannot stomach the ideas of deranged minds, read no further. If you seek adventure, however… Let us begin. Muahaha.

Tales By Lantern-Light vol.2 One Big Family

By Vance Smith, Patrick Smith, Aaron Smith, Cora Smithand Arlin Fehr

Welcome to yet another collection of twisted tales, thrills and chills. Join Johnny Mead as he seeks out the dark mystery behind a set of missing pigs. Follow Kevin Crogall as he journeys into the heart of a criminal empire. Witness the agony of Kold Whittaker’s secret, that threatens to destroy Jack Lantern. Consider the case of a young girl, faced with an estranged father, even as her mother is abducted. All this and more can be found within… For the right price, of course…