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Jack and Jill: Up a Hill

By Vance Smith

Magic is real. Her parents never bothered to tell her.

Magic is real. Her parents never bothered to tell her.

After the death of her beloved Aunt Gloria, Jill Wright will do anything to hang on to her last memento – a golden locket. If only it were that easy.

When a violent pickpocket becomes fixated on the trinket, it’s clear that there’s a larger plot at work. But with her absentee parents more interested in work than family, it’s up to her to find help from an unexpected ally – even if that ally has a pumpkin for a head.

Together with Jack Lantern, Jill must rely on her burgeoning powers to track down the shadowy group targeting her. Because the locket is only the start. They want something else from her, too.
Something far more sinister.

 You don't know Jack. In fact, few people do. The Pumpkin headed P.I., and his circle of trusted friends, are frequently the only ones standing between the world and those who would destroy it. It's ordinary job, but then Jack and his friends are anything but ordinary. ?

Jack and Jill: Tumbling After

By Vance Smith

The Crown is broken. The Titan-Spawn are coming.

Jill Wright has been through a lot as the protégé to Jack Lantern, Private Investigator. Together, they’ve defeated villains, forged friendships and escaped certain death. Now, with a new baby brother in the household, it might be time to take a break from saving the world.

Of course, no one told the world this. When a Titan breaks free of his millennia-old prison, Jack and Jill are called upon to stop the monster before he can liberate his army of Titan-Spawn and lead them into in a mass genocide. Against such a formidable foe, the team are bound to suffer some losses. And Jill’s going to need all the allies she can find when the battle puts her face to face with an old enemy.

With her new brother to look out for, the stakes are higher than ever. And this time, the cost of victory might be more than Jill can afford to pay.

The exciting conclusion to the Jack and Jill Trilogy.

Jack and Jill: Broken Crown

By Vance Smith

She might destroy the world.

She might be the only one who can save it.

Two years after defeating the nefarious Reckoning, Jill Wright has honed her powers under the tutelage of pumpkin-headed private investigator Jack Lantern. Finding victory after victory, the team has drawn the attention of the Council of Eternals. Paranoid of Jill’s growing strength, the Council has commandeered their latest case, handing it over to Orson Pride. But Orson has other plans.

When the evidence points back to the shadowy group responsible for the Reckoning, Orson recognises what the Council cannot: Jill is vital to this case. With her first-hand knowledge of the group, and their unexplained fascination with her, leaving her behind would be foolhardy. But as the investigation proceeds, the ramifications are unclear. Is Jill the solution, or has she been the source of the threat all along?

Because Jill can feel something within; something that is desperate to take control of her body and mind, and she isn’t sure there is anything she can do to stop it.