Ravania Entertainment

CNK: War of the Strange Aliens

By Aaron Smith

The light side of the planet Tuhr-Tuhl is threatened by and invasion of monsters and Shadow Nomads. Only the Column Ninja Knights might be able to turn back the evil horde. But an ancient evil is moving in the darkness and thought extinct heroes might needed to win the conflict.

From would-be-wizards to lost djin and magic lamps, this is off the edge of the map. Weird and wonderful stories await you.

Elements of Glory: The Princess of Nothing

By Aaron Smith

A young Princess of a desolate kingdom will face great peril along side an inept Mystic, as she tries to restore her kingdom and defeat the great evil of Ratikgur and the Dead Man.

Wishcharmer saga: Beginnings

By Vance Smith

When Rajhu Heroh buys a lamp of a greedy old man, it starts him on an adventure that he never would have chosen, if he had been given the choice in the first place.

Raj has become a Wishchamer, a forbidden and fear being hunted and despised in the land he calls home. He must face dangers he never fathomed while he tries to rid himself of a magic that could change the world.