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Shadow Mountain and the Ghostly Abbey

By Vance Smith

The Secret is revealed. The problems are far from over. A secret long held, has now been revealed! James Newt and Elizabeth Heartwell have learned much since they became Gatekeepers. Now, the world has been pushed further into turmoil. A secret Gateway stands open, allowing for vicious attacks on the magical world, by agents of the Eighth False King! To keep the peace, the Gatekeepers must seal the Gateway. But the task is easier said than done! With little time, James and Elizabeth must find two ancient talismans and conquer the Ghostly Abbey. Though their magic is strong, evil has grown. Things will not be as easy as they were before...

James Newt and Elizabeth Hartwell didn't have a lot going for them. Orphans for as long as they could remember, they stuck together through it all and did their best to break up their rather uninteresting existance. However, they were in for a suprise when an old man came to the orphanage looking for them. What followed was anything but boring.

shadow mountain and the secret of the gatekeepers

By Vance Smith

James Newt and Elizabeth Hartwell's new orphanage sits deep in the forest, near the base of Shadow Mountain, a Gateway between worlds, guarded by a lone, mad Gatekeeper.

For Centuries the Gateway between our world and the magic world has been guarded by Gatekeepers, to protect each side from the other.

When evil threatens their new home, James and Elizabeth must face the greatest challenge of their lives, and train as Gatekeepers. But nothing here, is what it seems, and every question answered, leads to another secret...