Vance Smith

Hired by British Intelligence in 1978, Vance ran several top secret spy missions into Bulgaria and Constantinople. Impressively, a full ten years before he was born. After leaving the intelligence service, Vance started a band, and ran a small bagel stand before settling on writing stories about things that may have never happened... This bio included.

Chilli-Taco-Lasagne-Pizza. Why compromise?

I'm having trouble deciding. Let's leave it by saying... ... ... the real Battlestar Galactica. And Clone Wars. And... Farscape. Babylon 5. Stargate. Star Wars, of course. ... I suck at choosing.

It's hard to decide this one too. I've a lot of ideas, and a few more options. Narrowing it down, the list needs to include Sword of Truth, Narnia, One Piece and Fairy Tail.

Because normal life is far too boring.

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