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Ages of Infinity:
Genesis Project

Nell Sorrow has been given a tremendous task... he has to help save the Universe!
Everything is dying since the end of the Shatter Wars, and unless new life is breathed into the Universe, all will be lost. How can Nell save everyone he knows and loves?
His quest will take him across the stars, to alien worlds, facing horrifying dangers and monsters... but he will not be alone.
He's been sent off with this stranger girl named Genesis... who has no voice... but has an unshakable determination to give the Universe a second chance.
It won't be an easy quest, and in the end, Nell Sorrow never be the same again.

Shadow Mountain
and the
Secret of the Gatekeepers

James Newt and Elizabeth Hartwell don't have a lot going for them. Orphans for as long as they can remember, they stick together and do their best to break up their rather uninteresting existence. However, when an old man comes to their orphanage looking for them, what follows was anything but boring.

The Wishcharmer saga

For Rajhu Heroh, life as a meagre cheat and swindler was adventure enough. He never meant to get caught up in a grand adventure. But Raj's life changes forever when he unwittingly releases ancient magic that transforms him into one of the forbidden Wishcharmers. Hunted, with his life long friend at his side, Raj faces monsters, vengeful Djinn, and a powerful sorceress, hoping he can survive long enough to rid himself of a magic that threatens to change the world.

Guardian Saga

Captain Howard Fredrick didn't think he had any more missions left in him, but when Axion Data Systems offers him a contract that promises to get his sick wife the treatment she needs, he agrees to take on one last challenge. The mission was anything but routine.
When a never before seen danger threatens the ship, Captain Howard and his crew must band together and fight for their survival. There is no help coming, no one to rescue them, only their wit, their strength, and their determination will make the difference between making it home, or a cold death in void of space.

Hope and Sorrow

In a dark forest, on the planet Soll, the mysterious Man of Sorrow has lived in the shadows for months, fighting back monsters who are terrorizing the small village of Kampa. Then, one day, a warrior woman calling herself Nia Hope arrives, searching for the Man of Sorrow. This leads her to a painful reunion, with the man she loves, and a dark revelation that should be impossible; an ancient evil, that they thought they defeated long ago, has returned, and threatens the Universe!
Now, the Woman of Hope and the Man of Sorrow must put aside the pains that tore them apart, and work together to defeat a darkness that they barely managed to conquer the last time they faced it.

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